Color & Finishing selection - All items of Sara Woodcraft can be custom ordered in any finish. You can choose from over 2500 different variations of the NCS scale for painted finishes, you can have glazes, lacquers, waxes, gilding or develop a new finish together with us. Regardless the finish matt or high-gloss, we can make it to fit your home.

Customization - You can customize any model to any preference. If you like this design but want to make slight or major changes to it, please inquire and tell us the changes that you want to make. Anything is possible. If you would like to design a completely new piece or remake a piece that you already have, please mail us at and we will help you make your dreams and imagination come true.

Color selection

You can choose from 2500 different variations of painted finish,

glazes, lacquers, gilding. We develop after your preference.

For our standard selection please view them to the right.

Distress levelsNo distress, light distress or heavy distress
Dimensions19,6 x 44 x 20,8 inch (50 x 112 x 53 cm)

1st grade environmentally certified Philippine mahogany.

Water based, led free finishing products


Select from our collection of cotton or linen fabrics.

You can send your own fabric to us for attachment without charge.

Fabric allocation for 1 pc is: 0,71 yards (0,65 m)

Do you have any questions about English Chippendale 6 leg stool?

English Chippendale 6 leg stool

  • $885.00

Available Options

1. No antique finish white NCS S 0300-n
2. Standard antique white finish NCS S 0300-n
3. Heavy antique white finish NCS S 0300-n
4. Standard antique white finish 10 sheen NCS S 0300-n
5. Standard antique white finish 30 sheen NCS S 0300-n
6. Standard antique white finish 50 sheen NCS S 0300-n
7. Standard antique white finish 90 sheen NCS S 0300-n
8. High gloss white NCS S 0300-n
9. high gloss grey
10. high gloss black
12. Automotive white NCS S 0300-n
13. Automotive black
14. Standard antique finish grey NCS S 1500-n
15. Standard antique finish pearl grey NCS S 3500-n
16. Standard antique finish stockholmwhite NCS S 0502-y
17. Antique finish light-grey NCS S 1502-y
18. Antique finish grey NCS S 2001-y
19. Antique black
20. Pure gilded gold
21. Antiqued gilded gold
22. Mediterranean gilded gold
23. Silver
24. Rustic silver
25. Bronze
26. Honey politur
27. Honey politur dark
28. 1ACD
29. 1ACD Dark Brown
30. G5
31. Walnut FF
32. GD
33. GL
34. GM
35. Pinewood with grains, white (only for pinewood)
36. Pinewood with grains, grey (only for pinewood)
37. Pinewood with grains, black (only for pinewood)
38. Solvi blue glaze
39. Beige glaze
40. Brown glaze
41. Black glaze
Cotton Check #8
Cotton Stripe #8
Cotton Check #16
Cotton Stripe #16
Cotton Check #9
Cotton Stripe #9
Cotton Check #3
Cotton Stripe #3
Cotton Check #35
Cotton Stripe #35
Cotton Check #6
Cotton Stripe #6
Cotton Check #31
Cotton Stripe #31
Cotton Check #5
Cotton Stripe #5
Cotton Check #50
Cotton Stripe #50
Cotton Check #45
Cotton Stripe #45
Cotton Check #4
Cotton Stripe #4
Linen 9410-35
Linen 9410-1
Linen 9410-10
Linen 9410-11
Linen 9410-14
Linen 9410-15
Linen 9410-17
Linen 9410-19
Linen 9410-2
Linen 9410-20
Linen 9410-21
Linen 9410-22
Linen 9410-3
Linen 9410-31
Linen 9410-32
Linen 9410-33
Linen 9410-36
Linen 9410-4
Linen 9410-43
Linen 9410-44
Linen 9410-45
Linen 9410-5
Linen 9410-50
Linen 9410-51
Linen 9410-52
Linen 9410-53
Linen 9410-55
Linen 9410-56
Linen 9410-59
Linen 9410-6
Linen 9410-66
Linen 9410-7
Linen 9410-744
Linen 9410-77
Linen 9410-78
Linen 9410-8
Linen 9410-87
Linen 9410-9

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